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About Youth-ivity

OK. So I made that word up. Youthivity isn't a real word. But it represents a real concept, a real hope for a growing community. My intention is that we would find creative ways to gather, to engage with each other, and to build faith. These are interesting times. Physical distancing is challenging when the primary activity of a group is to gather. Creativity is necessary now more than ever.


So we will find new ways to gather, new digital ways to engage with each other, and new means to build up our faith. Those of us who predate the present digital age might have to do a bit of running to catch up. The reality is, we have so many tools available to us today to effectively build community through online media. And we have everything we need to do all the things that are a part of what it means to be the church. We can still pray together, worship together, learn together, grow together, and make an impact in our community together. It just looks a little different than it used to.


The youth of Highland Baptist Church form a diverse crowd.  We enjoy fun and food together.  We ​are artists, musicians, athletes, scholars.  We try to include everyone, to look after each other, and to look beyond ourselves.  Our community seeks to welcome, include, and embrace any and all who come.

Our church family includes 4 congregations from different parts of the world in one community.  And so we have grown accustomed to experiencing and welcoming difference.  Where we are located in Kitchener is an ever changing, diverse community.  We are learning to embrace new differences as time brings new people into our midst.

We are attempting to be and to build a community of youth who love God and their neighbours, who have a growing faith, who have the confidence to question, the compassion to care, and the faith to continually seek Jesus as they live their lives out loud, out loud that they might be who they truly are, for their own sakes, and for the sakes of everyone they encounter, 

Such a task requires creativity, perseverance, passion, compassion, and a sincere belief that Jesus is powerfully present in  and with and through our youth.

We welcome youth in Gr. 7-12.  Where ever you are coming from, we are here for you. Come join our creative youth community.  It's time to start living life out loud.

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